The McCharles House
As mother and daughter, artist and chef, gardeners, stewards of the land, and welcomers of friends, we have blended what we love to do with our life’s work. If you were to gaze into the mixing bowls in the McCharles House kitchen, you would find an eclectic and tasteful blend of our German and Swedish heritage, of the classics of food and architecture reinterpreted for our relaxed Southern California lifestyle, and of two women's passions, shaped and inspired by generations of imaginative and creative kindred.

Join us at our “SOMEDAY GET-TOGETHER TEAS” . . . all about living life, entertaining and art. “SOMEDAY GET-TOGETHER TEAS” will be offered in the day and in the early evening. They promise to be of delicious fare, great conversation and a wonderful time! 
E-mail early, reservations will be limited:
THE WOMEN BEHIND THE MAGIC ~ A Legacy Of Generations
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