In a world that spins faster and faster, we take little time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Another moment shall not pass without a pause to express our thoughts, especially with you, our friends of the McCharles House. It seems to us that all of you have a special understanding of what important passages mean, and what is precious about our yesterdays in terms of our tomorrows. 

Our wish is that we continue to look to each other, to each other’s spirits, and to each other’s strengths for what is meaningful and lasting. You remain our inspiration and because of this we invite you into our world. 

May you come to escape, to connect, to spend time and to make time - as you come along with us in the months - and years - ahead. We will continue our journeys together. 

In celebration of our thirty-third anniversary, it is with great pleasure that we, mother-daughter and creators 
of the renowned McCharles House, have partnered our creative talents and expertise to present a nostalgic echo 
of a gentler time. 

     As many of you know, we went on a Sabbatical to follow our dreams 
and now have returned to celebrate the joys of life with you. So that we may continue to pursue  and share our dreams, we don our chef coats on seasonally selected days for our “Someday Get-Togethers”. Now our mixing bowls are filled with “recipes for living”: friendships to share, dreams to pursue, cups of tea to sip, canvases to paint, books to write, victory gardens to plant, recipes to cook and 
our “Someday Get-Togethers” events to share with you. 
Our ladened table is now set for life’s journeys. Join us as the dreams continue . . .

One of our dreams is offered with our seasonal “Someday Get-Togethers” in 
The Summerhouse (The Disneyland Hotel’s Wedding Gazebo), The Sequoia Lodge, The Drawing Room, 
The Porchside and Courtyards. We promise to keep the legacy of  
The McCharles House for you and future generations to enjoy!

It is our heartfelt wish that your life be richer because of the inspiration you will discover here. 

                                                                          Connoisseurs of Graciousness, 
                                                                                                         Audrey& Vivian	

Dear Friends,

 Our Philosophy

Audrey & Vivian
 home is where the heart is. . .
 a proverb